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Just like the name suggests, The Neck Natural is meant to turn back the clock and relax your neck till it's at it's most natural position! Because we are constantly in poor sitting positions, the only way any device can truly relieve the neck is by being as portable, efficient and easy-to-use as possible so that you will be able to relieve your neck consistently anytime and anywhere.

This is so important as neck tension and shoulder pain creates a chain reaction across the body that can lead to migraines, body aches and just overall fatigue that can be robbing you of your productivity!

The Neck Natural is designed to heat up within seconds to mimic warm human hands and deliver a "life-like" therapy session aimed at replicating the first-class experience you get at spas. If you have:

✓ Neck pain and stiffness

✓ Shoulder discomfort

✓ Cervical pain

✓ Body tension

Then. You. Need. This. Now!


It works by combining low-frequency electrical impulses with consistent heat and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. As a result, problematic areas will experience more blood flow and the release of natural painkillers called endorphins.


When your massage is done expect to have a fuller range of motion that's much closer to your neck's normal state.


Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Whether you need deep tissue penetration or pin-point pressure relief, it is the perfect-sized portable device to provide relaxing therapy at the desk, on the commute, on the recliner, or in the bed.

Use it for 15 minutes each day for the best results. And try not to let it put you to sleep while using it to reclaim mobility during work breaks. Yes, it feels that darn good!



Multiple kneading massage nodes deliver gentle warmth and electrical pulsations 3 to 5 centimeters below the skin. This leads to more blood flow and release of pain-killing endorphins to the affected area.


Expect to enjoy a deep tissue massage that can open up pain points and lessen the discomfort associated with the cervical spine.



Made from durable 304 stainless steel, the Neck Natural is built to last.

To add on to that, it's tough elastic arms and soft pressure band makes it suitable for all neck sizes. Firm, Comfortable, Simply Amazing.



✓ Neck pain

✓ Cervical stiffness

✓ Arthritis pain

✓ Knotted neck and shoulders

✓ Cervical nerve pain

✓ Pinched nerves

✓ Pain from poor posture

✓ Oedema and inflammation

✓ Headaches at the back of the neck

✓ Muscle spasms or sharp, shooting pain from trigger points



Special features



Simulates a perfect massage by combining constant 107.6 F (42°C) heat to 3 effective massage modes and 15 adjustable strength levels


A single charge of this 1600mAh rechargeable battery gives you a whopping 450 minutes of relaxing massage. That's 15 minutes every day for a span of 30 days!


Thanks to it's compact and streamlined design, the Neck Natural is both portable and easy to fit into any and every bag, ready to relieve your stress anywhere and everywhere!


With it's integrated wireless technology, you will never need to worry about getting tangled in cords or struggle to find a power supply. Simply Charge. Turn On. Go.


The Neck Natural turns off within 5 minutes of inactivity to prevent accidental overuse and maximize battery life.



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