Mosquito Lamp

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Feeling Itchy?

Then Get Our USB Mosquito Killer Lamp with Ultraviolet Lights To Kill Mosquitoes Instantly!

Are you being kept up every single night by annoying mosquitoes?  Are you finding it hard to work from home because you're constantly swatting insects? Then it's time to get yourself our Mosquito Killer Lamp!

Our mosquito killing lamp's look and feel has been specifically designed to fit right into the contemporary design of most homes today. The curved opening (as shown below) increases the effectiveness of the ultraviolet rays and LED lights as it entices and attracts mosquitoes to the lamp and away from you! 

It also designed to be extremely quiet, so your beauty rest will not be disturbed!




Fun fact about mosquitoes: They are mainly attracted to ultraviolet rays and carbon dioxide!

Our Mosquito Killer Lamp was designed to take full advantage of this fact through our three-part killing system. Using the heat and ultraviolet rays, produced from the bulbs installed inside and the carbon dioxide, produced when mosquitoes are irradiated by the TiO2 coating, your itchy summer nights will be a thing of the past!

CUTTING-EDGE CONTROL! 6 UV lamps emits light at a wavelength of 368nm.  Insects are hopelessly attracted to lamps that emit light at this wavelength as they approach the lamp, they will be sucked in by a strong gale produced by the lamp which will kill the insects and keep them in your mosquito tray.

EASILY PORTABLE AND USB-POWERED! Our Mosquito Killer Lamps are not only perfect for the indoors but it is also excellent on your camping trips or picnics thanks to it's low power usage! All you need to turn the lamp on is a USB cable and a power source and your mosquito lamp will cover an area of 40 square meters. Simple to activate. Simply effective.

HASSLE-FREE CLEANING! All dead insects will be collected in a removable plastic tray at the bottom of the unit! Simply slide the tray out and discard the insects and you're good to go!



- Ultra Safe: It does not emit radiation, it is non-toxic and free of chemicals. Safe for human health and the environment. Suitable for pregnant women and babies.
- Effective control of insects. (see above for the explanation) 
USB powered. (compatible with any USB device such as computers, laptops, mobile    power stores, power strips, and USB adapters)
- Portable.
- Easy to clean. (Unlike other mosquito lamps, the LED bulbs and insect tray are easily     accessible and can be wiped easily)


Product Specifications:

Input voltage: DC 5 V.
Power: 5 W.
LED number: 6
USB cable length: 3.6 feet / 1.1 meters
Using range: 20 ~ 40 square meters