Anti-glare Heat Insulation Film (Anti-peeping)

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Beat That Summer Heat Today!

Enjoy a UV-free and glare-free home today as our heat insulation film blocks out the harsh sunlight from your homes. With our Anti-glare Heat Insulation Films, you not only reduce the amount of glare in your homes but the films also effectively reduce the temperature of your homes and also keeps the stalkers away with our unique unidirectional perspective. To put it simply you are"putting sunglasses" on your windows! Scroll down to learn more!

Main Features

  • SCRATCH RESISTANCE: Our films are coated with strong PVC outer coatings that reduces the wear and tear that comes with cleaning the windows.

  • HEAT INSULATION PERFORMANCE: Reduces the temperature indoors! Keep your homes cool during the summer

  • REDUCE GLARE: The unique one-way perspective feature of our films prevents harsh direct sunlight from getting into your house!
  • UNIDIRECTIONAL PERSPECTIVE: Set your minds at ease with our unique one-way perspective feature, you will also be able to have privacy in your own homes. Outsiders and stalkers will no longer be peering into your house.

  • CUTS OFF ULTRAVIOLET RAYS: Prevent harmful UV rays from entering the house. Being exposed to UV rays can cause a number of health problems such as the premature aging of the skin, signs of sun damage (wrinkles, leathery skin, liver spots) and can also cause eye problems.

Easy to Install


Unique Features

UV barrier rate: 85%
Light transmittance: 15%
Infrared barrier rate: 90%
Anti-peep Feature: Passer-bys will not be able to look into your house, but you can!


  • High-quality PVC.
  • Heat Insulation, Anti - Peep, Blocking Light.
  • Silver Light, Black Silver, Blue Silver, Tea Silver.
  • 3.94 X 39.37INCH: 100CM × 10CM × 0.015CM
  • 7.87 X 39.37INCH: 100CM × 20CM × 0.015CM
  • 11.81 X 39.37INCH: 100CM × 30CM × 0.015CM
  • 15.75 X 39.37INCH: 100CM × 40CM × 0.015CM
  • Window Anti-Glare Anti-Peeping Insulation Film × 1
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  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.


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