Our Mission

What Is Hana?

The name Hana was derived from the Korean numbering system and is translated into the English language as one. We want to be the "One" store that everybody turns to when they think of e-commerce. We want to be the "One" place where people can trust for a hassle-free shopping experience. We want to be the "One" place where quality is assured. We want to be the "One" store where customers feel assured.

Here at Hana, we aim to make online shopping as simple as ordering, waiting and receiving the product. Because we too were victims of bad online shopping experiences so we completely understand what it feels like to receive broken products, packages that take weeks to arrive, non-existent customer support and even worse you receive products that look nothing like what you see on the website and advertisements.

But yes, we are a very young company and to become that trusted e-commerce brand that we always envisioned, it will take a whole lot of time, effort and most importantly money. And that is where you come in. To set our customers minds at ease, we want to be as transparent about our products as possible. 

This is why we do product reviews and personally show you how we test the products. But that's not all we aim to do to really set your minds at ease. We want to make Hana not just an e-commerce retailer, but an e-commerce community where you not only take our word for how good our products are but you will be able to hear reviews from all who have shopped with us.

So how can you support the vision?
Firstly, help take 5 minutes out of your day and write a review for one of the products. The more reviews we get, the more other customers would feel at ease.

Secondly, spread the word! Help promote our store and talk about it on your social media platforms if you've enjoyed shopping with us. The more people back up our company's vision the more credibility we will have and that is our company's ultimate mission. To be the e-commerce brand you can trust.

Thirdly, you can help support us on our patreon page. To be able to give our customers the fastest shipping times at the most affordable rates, to continue making quality product reviews, to continue offering you the best customer support, we need money. Sadly, as much as we want the best for our customers we also need to remain profitable to continue serving our customers for years to come. $5 a month will go a long way to supporting our mission and vision!

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