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You heard about the vision and you want to help. But how?

1. Donate to the cause

Yes, we are ambitious. Maybe even idealists. But we are sick and tired of the scams and we want to make a change. But of course, it takes a lot of time, effort and money. We may not be a charity, but contributing to a safe e-commerce space is just as magnanimous. If you do have the means do support us via our Patreon page!

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What good is a vision without people to support the cause? You can help us by letting people know about what we are trying to achieve here! Let your friends and family know about us and help save them hours, days or even weeks of agony dealing with other online retailers!

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Here at Hana, we believe in credibility through community! By submitting reviews and even letting us know how we can improve you will be helping us to build a better and safer e-commerce space for everyone! If you have any feedback for us do let us know too at or contact us via our chatbot!

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