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It's August and I'm sure you're feeling the heat too!

I have always wanted to get my windows these Heat Insulation Films but never had the time to do it till the lock down happened. And that was honestly, the best thing that could have ever happened to because my once warm and stuffy home was suddenly ALOT (and I do really mean ALOT) less suffocating.

I think a lot of that can be attributed to the amazing light transmittance rate of 15% that means a whopping 85% of light is being blocked out! On top of that, it also has a UV barrier rate of 85% and infrared barrier rate of 90%. 

This was really important to me as UV rays has been attributed to causing a number of health problems such as the premature aging of the skin, signs of sun damage (wrinkles, leathery skin, liver spots) and can also cause eye problems.

These are the official statistics:

But Can't I Just Get Any Heat Insulation Film?

Short answer is nope. On top of the main function which is to block out light from your home. This Heat Insulation Film has a unique one-way perspective feature that prevents people from the outside from looking into your homes. I thought that was really handy because previously about 70% of my house could be seen from across the street. The moment I walked out of my bedroom I was immediately exposed to my neighbours. Having this one-way perspective gave me the peace and the freedom to let loose and make certain outfit choice (if you know what I mean ;) ).

Also, compared to other stores that $30.00 and upwards before shipping, Hana is selling this at some of the most competitive prices around the world.

After having such a good life-changing experience with the Heat Insulation Film I realised that I just HAD to let my friends know about this.

But they posed a couple of questions to me like:

It's Already August, Why Would I Still Want To Get This?

Because firstly, the last I checked, the weather is still scorching hot. And secondly, the amazing thing about this Heat Insulation Film is that it is so easy to remove and reapply the film in 9 easy steps. So you don't have to worry about freezing to death when spring and winter comes!


 To sum up our August's featured product blog post, this product is one the top when it comes to it's value for money. Best part is that with the opening week sale, the price of the product at $24.90 is such a steal!